Conversion Rate Optimisation Audit

Your website should be your best salesperson, working around the clock, bringing new leads and turning them into paying customers. But often times it’s not being used to its full potential.

That’s where we can help.

For an investment of just £350, we’ll go through your website and analytics data, looking for improvements and monetisation possibilities in the following areas: 

  • customer journey
  • functionality
  • reusability of existing digital and media assets
  • checkout completion

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Included in your audit

What to expect from this premium, comprehensive service:

  • up to 60 minutes with a digital business consultant
  • time to ask questions about any aspects of the audit and its findings
  • bespoke report, highlighting our recommendations for improvements
  • recording of your live consultation

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  • Your audit is at a cost of £350, with half to be paid upfront and the remaining half prior to your consultation date
  • There is no obligation to use our services following your review, you’ll be free to follow our recommendations on your own, or get third party web designer/developer to do it for you
  • Generic parts of content recorded during our Zoom call (without confidential information) can be used on our websites and on social networks like LinkedIn or Facebook, with your prior approval
  • As a participant, you could benefit from a bit of exposure – you might be tagged in our social media posts, unless you state that you don’t want to be tagged
  • Recorded content belongs to Grow Your Website, but you may use and share it within your network and with your chosen designer/developer

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