About us

So you’d like to know a bit more about Grow Your Website?

We’ve combined 25+ years of digital design and development expertise and wrapped it up under a fancy new name, Grow Your Website – nice, hey!

Our aim is to help people realise the potential a successful online presence can bring to their business.

Our mission

Our mission at Grow your website is to be the East Midland’s go to agency for small to medium businesses who need a little help getting their website where it needs to be.

We seek to collaborate with our clients to offer a jargon-free approach to understanding their website and how it can be improved to increase sales.

Meet the team

Karol Tesch


Hi and welcome! I'm Karol, your Digital Business Consultant for the technical side of things. I enjoy figuring out how things work and finding creative ways to boost businesses.

Five fun facts about Karol

  • Plays competitive volleyball
  • Drinks black coffee (no sugar please)
  • Learned to read before going to school
  • Took about 2 weeks to learn how to do a backflip in his teens
  • Wants to be a space tourist (Houston, we have a solution…)
Gemma Wilks


Hello there! I'm Gem, and I get oodles of joy out of making things look great and work well. I love working with individuals and small businesses to help them stand out and get noticed.

5 fun facts about Gemma

  • Can salsa dance pretty well
  • Shoots dating profile photography
  • Scared of the dark
  • Enjoys cheese and onion crisps and a KitKat Chunky, together (a few crisps then a bite of chocolate, repeat)
  • Never watched Star Wars or Lord of the Rings

How our venture began

Grow Your Website was founded in April 2020 following a conversation between the two of us about how we might help small businesses during the craziness that is covid-19. Here’s how it went:

Karol: “I’d love to be able to help people during this time. There’s must be something we can do?”

Gemma: “Definitely. Hey, why don’t we offer free website reviews?”

Karol: “Yes! Especially as a lot of businesses will have a bit of time to focus on improving their website over the next couple of months.”

Gemma: “Cool, let’s get something sorted then.”

And that was it really. 

Straight away, we started to put the wheels in motion and plan our initial service, offering free website reviews during the global pandemic

How's your website performing?

We’d love to have a nosy at your website and give you tangible advice on how to get the most out of your online presence.

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